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Tiny Plant Charm Jewelry

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Simple, minimal, and dainty timeless pieces perfect for any plant lover. 18k gold plated, stainless steel, 18k Rose Gold Plated mini charms with adjustable chain extensions Necklace length: 17” chain + 2.5” chain extension Bracelet length: 6” chain + 2.5” chain extension Anklet length: 8.5” chain + 2.5” chain extension Styles: 1. Monstera Charm Size: 8mm width 7.8mm height 2. Pink Princess / White Knight Philodendron Charm Size: 8.1mm height 5.1 width 3. Rhaphi Tetrasperma Charm Size: 8mm X 6.5mm (HxW) 4. Anthurium Clarinervium Charm Size: 8mm X 7.15mm (HxW)