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Satin Apple

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LIMITED FALL COLOR! 🍁🎃 Imagine you’re all dressed up and ready to go out. As you go to put your keys and cash in your pocket, you realize with horror you don’t have any pockets! Fear no more, ladies!  With this Zipper Pocket Scrunchie, your hair accessory still looks like a hair scrunchie but with an entirely new function: holding small valuables, like lip gloss, gum, cash, keys, or any other items you might need while out and about. Features * Soft green satin fabric * Hidden pocket inside to carry small essentials * Matching color zipper for excellent concealment  * Perfect for curly, straight, thick, and thin hair as well as for ponytails or buns * Cruelty-free and vegan * Measures 4” round with 8 mm elastic inside ï»żNote: If you are an international customer, the shipping rate would be higher for this collection.