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Organic Tattoo Balm by LBC - Natural (Unscented): 0.5-ounce

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We found another use for our beard products, tattoo balm. Some customers started using our unscented beard balms to help their fresh tattoos heal and keep their older ones looking their best. So just like our lip balm, we tweaked the blend a little and created something new. Our Tattoo Balm by LBC moisturizes and conditions your skin. We use the same ingredients as our beard balms and skip the scent to ensure nothing irritates your skin. Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter - provides vitamins and minerals and moisturizes your skin Organic Coconut Oil - helps keep your skin moisturized and healthy Organic Beeswax - helps provide some consistency to keep the moisturizing ingredients in place Organic Castor Oil - loaded with nutrients Organic Jojoba Oil - antioxidant properties help repair damaged cells Available in 0.5 and 2-ounce tins for now, we may offer a 4-ounce in the future. How to use: Scoop a little out, rub it into your hands to make a creamy oil, and apply.