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Nita The Polar Bear Eco Ornaments/Fresheners

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Meet Nita, our whimsical polar bear ornament who is sure to bring a splash of Arctic charm to your decor! Sitting pretty at 3.5" tall, Nita is adorned with colorful decorations inspired by Indigenous artistry, adding a touch of cultural richness to her adorable persona. Each Nita ornament is handcrafted with love from organic wool, using soap, water, and hand pressure to shape her cuddly form. The hand-sewn details and vibrant embellishments bestow upon Nita a unique character and beauty, showcasing a playful blend of tradition and whimsy. Being a part of our #adoptdontshop line of products, Nita proudly stands (or rather, sits) for a cause, with every purchase directly benefiting animal rescues. Listing is for one Nita the Polar Bear ornament, measuring approximately 3.5"x3"x1.5". Not intended for children, but perfect for anyone looking to add a cute and humorous touch to their space!