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Lavender Honey Lozenges

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Lavender Honey Lozenges are formulated with our lavender herbal extract and dried Maine grown lavender flowers! Made with local Maine honey. Each lozenge is hand-wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane wrapper (made from plant cellulose.) 20 lozenges per package in a kraft resealable pouch. Lavender corresponds with Gemini & Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury, as it is highly versatile! Lavender's aroma is simultaneously stimulating and relaxing. It has been used for centuries as a calming and relaxing herb for sore muscles and joint pain. Indulging in lavender may help to neutralize and ground your mind, body & spirit. ingredients: organic cane sugar, glucose syrup, water, Maine honey, lavender herbal extract (organic lavender flowers, organic grain solvent,) lavender flavor extract, Maine grown lavender flowers, organic olive oil