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Heartwood Studios Homemade Food-Grade Wood Conditioner

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This is a 4-ounce (118 mL) plastic jar of our homemade wood finish and conditioner. It is 100% food-grade (see this blog post for more details) Simply made of beeswax and mineral oil, it is a perfect blend to re-finish your wooden butcher blocks, knife boards, and utensils. The concoction is fairly solid at room temperature and easy to apply by hand as it begins to melt from body heat. BONUS you can rub the excess into your hands as a moisturizer.

Four ounces of this stuff goes a really long way. If you re-apply to your wooden kitchen artifacts, say, twice a year, this jar should last you a few years. You only need to use as much as wets your piece, then let sit for a few hours so the finish can soak into the wood. If you're impatient you can wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight or heat because it may lose consistency, and it is better applied as a soft goop than a liquid.